According to Angela Palmer at

A survey done by Neutrogena Cosmetics shows women want their makeup to give them flawless skin above all else.

Really? They needed a survey to determine that?

While it’s far from scientific, it is interesting to see just what women are expecting from their cosmetics and of their skin. According to the survey over two thirds of women today would give up something for a year to have perfect skin.

I’m not at all surprised that women said this.  In fact, when I was younger and struggled with acne much more I probably would have even given up chocolate to get clear skin.  Maybe.

In reality, no one has perfectly flawless skin.  When we see models or other beautiful women in magazines, you can be sure that there was some photoshop and touch-up involved.  It is a rare person indeed who has totally clear skin.  Those people usually live in environments with clean air and eat a healthy diet.  You know, like Tibet or something.

So give yourself a break, wear a little makeup, and just take care of yourself as best you can.

Stay well,

– Sharyn