As a mother with three teenagers and as a long-time acne fighter myself, I am continually researching ways to control and heal acne.  Even my elderly mother continues to battle acne and explore new solutions.  Most websites I’ve encountered in my research recommend a ‘sure-fire’ method or a few specific products that will work for everyone.  The fact is that there is no single acne makeup or skin care product that works for everyone.

Our Mission:

The mission of Makeup for Acne is to do the research for you to determine which makeup products are best for your skin type.   We look at both the latest products and some old favorites.  Through user reviews and our own testing, we provide information on the pros and cons of each item and who might benefit from them.  In addition, we advise you on the best ways to use each product.

Who are we?

We are makeup lovers!  All of us deal with acne and we rely on makeup to make us look beautiful while covering our acne and preventing it from getting worse.  From the ages of  12 to 75 and older, we have had to deal with our changing skin and the challenges that it presents.  We love to explore all the latest makeup trends and try out new products.  We hope our research and recommendations will help you look more beautiful too.

Smile!  It’s the best makeup you can use and it’s free.  🙂

– Sharyn Sheldon