I recently read an article about Retouching Acne with Photoshop.  While I’m not exactly an expert in Photoshop (I can’t use it at all), I do rely on retouching photos to make our skin look flawless.  My favorite tool? Picasa.

I have little to no expertise when it comes to manipulating photos and changing backgrounds, and any other fancy stuff.  However, Picasa has a very easy to use retouching tool in the latest version that makes it easy to erase little imperfections.  In fact, I’ve erased some pretty major flaws as well.  I’ve done everything from covering zits to eliminating braces quite easily.

Getting rid of red eye is easy too. They have a tool which automatically picks out all the red eye in the photo and you can just click it away.  Now, if we could just do the same with all our real imperfections!!

If you want to stretch your skills a little, you should still try out Photoshop. The latest basic one is Photoshop Elements 9.  There is definitely a learning curve, which I just haven’t had the time to spend on yet.  It’s on my list. I’m actually hoping to use it for putting images into unusual collages, but it can be used for all sorts of wild effects.

Here’s one important tip.  If you do get Photoshop, either get a friend to give you a quick tutorial or do some of the ones on Adobe’s website.  It will help speed you up in the learning process.

Good Luck!

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