Some people recommend applying concealer after foundation while others say you should put it on before.  I prefer to put it on first so that the foundation can even out any differences
in color.  You can always touch up with a little extra concealer afterward.picture of concealer

To apply your concealer, all you really need are your fingers. You may also use a concealer brush, which can by useful in getting at little crevices, like around your nose.  If
you do use a concealer brush, make sure it is very clean or it will deposit bacteria right
where you need it least, back on your acne.  This will only make your acne worse.  Clean
the brush every day with a little mild soap and water.  If you do it at night the brush will be
dry by morning.

Once you have prepared your skin for makeup (cleanse, treat, moisturize), follow these steps for applying concealer.

Step 1:  Measure
Put a little bit of the concealer on the back of your hand.  This way you can control exactly
how much you use.  If you put it right on your finger you may end up with too much.  Putting
it straight on your face from the tube or stick also reduces your control of the amount of
concealer and can transfer any bacteria lingering around.

Step 2:  Dab
Dab a little concealer over any red spots or blotches on your face.  On larger areas, just
keep dabbing until everything is covered.  Don’t rub the concealer in or it will just clog your
pores more.  Don’t put on a thick layer of concealer either.  It will just make your blemishes
look more obvious.  Your goal is to reduce the redness and uneven skin tone without
drawing attention to it.  If your acne still looks a little red, that’s better than looking caked on.

You can always use a little bit of green corrector before the concealer if you are very red.
Green cancels out red and can help your concealer work better.  Just beware, piling on
green concealer, then skin-colored concealer, then foundation will just look like you’ve
layered plaster onto your face.  The rule is: less is more.  Start with a little bit of concealer
and add more if necessary.

Step 3:  Blend
Using the pad of your middle finger, dab around the edges of the concealer until it blends
in with your skin.  Don’t rub or you will only wipe off the concealer.  Now you are ready for

It is important to use the correct concealer for your skin color and tone.  If a brand you want
to try does not have a color that suits your skin, then it won’t work for you no matter how
popular the brand is.  Look for brands that have a large range of colors and tones.

See our recommendations on concealer makeup or visit our Makeup for Acne Store for suggestions on which products work
well at concealing acne and come in a good range of colors and formulas.

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