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Learning how to apply foundation the correct way can make all the difference between looking natural and flawless, or looking as if you are wearing a mask. With a few basic guidelines, you can achieve the flawless look and become a pro at applying your own foundation. You might even get asked to start doing your friends’ makeup!

If you’ve prepared your skin with gentle cleansing, acne treatment, and moisturizer it should be in good shape for makeup.  After preparing your skin, you should have applied concealer wherever needed, though some people prefer to apply concealer after their foundation.  Now you are ready to put your preferred foundation on.

As with concealer, your best tools are your fingers.  However, many people like to use a makeup sponge or a foundation brush.  If you do use these, make sure they are very clean.  Otherwise, they will deposit bacteria back on your face and irritate your acne further.  Personally, I don’t like using sponges or brushes since they absorb too much of the foundation and then it gets used up faster.

Follow these steps to ensure an smooth, natural looking finish with your foundation:

Step 1: Measure out a small amount of foundation

Use the back of your hand and measure out a small amount of foundation.  If you are using a compact or powder foundation, you won’t need to do this.

Step 2: Dab the foundation  onto face

Starting from the center of your face, around your nose, dab small amounts of foundation outwards onto your cheeks, chin and forehead.  Don’t rub it around or you will wipe off your concealer and push the foundation into your pores, blocking them.

Step 3: Blend thoroughly to avoid the dreaded mask!

Gently blend the foundation with your fingers or makeup sponge from the center of your face outwards and downwards, until it is smooth and blends in with your face and concealer.

Step 4: Touch up any remaining spots

You can touch up any visible blemishes or redness with a tiny amount of concealer.  Dab it on carefully and blend the edges.  Be careful not to use very much or it will look cakey.

Step 5: Set with powder to make it last all day

Using a clean powder brush, sweep a small amount of powder over your face.  Too avoid putting too much powder on, tap the brush on the edge of the container or on a tissue to shake off excess.

If you have dry skin or any dry areas, avoid putting powder in those places or it will make the dryness worse as well as more visible.  Make sure you have put some oil-free moisturizer on these areas in the beginning, when preparing your skin for makeup.

See our product reviews for ideas and suggestions on what foundations and powders to use.

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