Dirty makeup brushes can be a prime cause of acne, rather than the makeup itself. That is why it is essential to clean them on a regular basis to avoid transferring bacteria to your skin. Yes, it is a hassle and requires extra time which you don’t necessarily have in your daily routine. However, think about the consequences to your skin and follow these easy steps on how to clean makeup brushes. This will ensure that your brushes last a long time and will continue to be your best allies in creating that look of flawless skin.

Makeup Brush Cleansers

You have several different choices of what to use to clean your brushes. My favorite professional brush cleanser is the MAC Brush Cleanser. When time is tight, I also use the Japonesque Professional Brush Cleaner Spray. However, I have also used just a gentle foaming anti-bacterial cleanser at times. Baby shampoo is always a good option, since it is gentle on the natural hair bristles of good quality brushes. Finally, I’ve been told that using a mixture of 2 parts water to 1 part vinegar can be great for disinfecting your brushes. Just make sure you rinse them well, since I have to imagine that the smell can be a little off-putting.

Cleansing Methods

For professional brush cleansers, follow the directions on the bottle. For quick-change cleansers, usually this involves spraying the cleanser on the brush and then wiping it on a towel.

For baby shampoo or other gentle cleansers, work up a lather and then gently work the lather through the brush. Rinse the brush carefully and repeat if there is still makeup evident. When you are finished, lay the brush flat on a towel to dry thoroughly.

It helps if you have good quality brushes to start with, such as a good Sephora brush set or those from other top makeup lines. I’ve built up a whole selection of great makeup brushes over the years, which encourages me to take good care of them. A high quality makeup brush is an investment, so take good care of them.

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