Best Acne Moisturizers:

As I mentioned in my review of Best Acne Lotions, there are several different types of acne lotions and acne moisturizers and it is difficult to determine which one is best for your skin type. A moisturizer safe for acne prone skin and one that will help dry skin with acne is particularly difficult to find.  I discovered Clinique’s Moisture Surge a few years ago when my skin started getting a little dry in places and have used it ever since.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

This is one of my favorite moisturizers when my skin is feeling a little dry.  It can be worn under or over makeup so I can even dab on a little during the day if there are some areas where the makeup seems to be settling into dry lines on my face.  It never makes me break out even though it is not advertised specifically for acne. My favorite way to use Clinique’s Moisture Surge is to put a little of it on my face in the morning before I work out or put any makeup on.  That way I won’t be too dry when I exercise, but it doesn’t make me break out when I perspire.  I also use it at night as a little extra moisture or even in addition to other moisturizer in areas where I’m very dry.

Where to Buy:

You can buy Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief at for the best prices around – better than at department store.  Click on the words or on the image below.

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