Oil of Olay Total Effects Skin Smoothing Serum

This product has been a recent life-saver for me.  As I have gotten older, I have noticed more skin discoloration and uneven tone.  I tried quite a few products and then my daughter told me to try the Oil of Olay Total Effects line.  I figured I might as well save a little money and head to the drug store instead of the department store, though you can get this for less money on Amazon.  Sure enough, this product has made my skin smoother and more even toned.  I definitely recommend it for mature skin with acne.  Even my husband commented that my skin was looking great – and he doesn’t normally notice these sorts of things!

I have nothing negative to say about Oil of Olay’s skin smoothing serum, except that it does have a little bit of a scent.  My sensitive skin did not react to it, so it was not a problem for me.  They also sell a Total Effects moisturizer that is unscented and I have been trying it out recently.  So far, so good and no breakouts.

For dry skin with acne, or mature skin, this is an excellent product for reducing uneven skin tone and fighting lines and wrinkles.  It will not get rid of acne scars or very obvious age spots, but it definitely made my skin look brighter and smoother within a few weeks.

I also think this will be a perfect substitute for moisturizer in the summer when your skin is a little more oily and you don’t want to use too much moisture to avoid breakouts.

NOTE: When my skin still feels a little dry, I combine the Oil of Olay serum with my Clinique Moisture Surge on top.  There’s no reason you have to use the same brands together.

One more note:  If you are having a problem with dark age spots or acne scars, look through the category in the store on Acne Scar Creams.  There are a number of products there that are much stronger than what you can get over the counter.  I don’t have any reviews on these myself, but click on any product to read other user reviews.

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