Murad Acne Complex KitMurad’s acne treatment line of products gets many rave reviews from a wide range of people, so I felt it essential to look a little closer at what users are saying and share my own experience with this product.

Murad’s Acne Complex Kit is a travel-sized starter kit of four products that work together to heal acne and decrease oil production. It contains Murad’s Clarifying Cleanser, Exfoliating Acne Treatment, Acne Spot Treatment, and Skin Perfecting Lotion.

Murad’s Clinical Testing/Results:

In independent clinical studies, over 90% of participants experienced a reduction in blemishes in just four weeks.

Summary of Reviews:
The majority of users give top reviews for Murad Acne Complex Kit. Comments include “Murad’s line is the best”, “pleasantly shocked that something finally works”, “a life changer for my son”, and “thank you Murad for making such a wonderful product”. Some criticisms are that the spot treatment smells bad (since it contains sulfur), you need to go easy the first few days or you get dry, the exfoliating gel feels a little sticky, and you still get the occasional pimple. Sorry to say, but there isn’t a product out there that will prevent the occasional pimple once in a while.

My own experience with Murad’s line has been excellent for controlling breakouts in the summer (my skin is too dry in the winter for this). It is great for adult acne and mature skin with acne when combined with an anti-age serum. For younger, more oily skin you don’t need anything else except perhaps a stronger prescription acne treatment when your skin is more broken out. For times that I use a topical acne treatment, I just stop using the acne spot treatment and exfoliating gel (if I’m using another exfoliant). I find that the cleanser runs out a lot faster than the rest of the products since you only need a tiny amount of each. One user said that the kit lasted 3 to 4 months. Naturally that will vary for each person. I love the Skin Perfecting Lotion as a very lightweight moisturizer for summer for my combination skin. I use something completely different when I need extra moisture (Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief).

Murad’s Acne Complex Kit is a great starter kit value for you if you have mild acne and need an acne treatment that will get things under control and prevent acne flare-ups. When one product runs out, you can easily just buy that single item on its own.


  • Controls oil
  • Heals and prevents mild acne
  • Keeps skin soft
  • Great value for starting out


  • Not for severe acne, unless combined with a prescription treatment
  • Can be drying at first, so you may have to use less until your skin adjusts
  • The exfoliating gel feels a little sticky, but is fine once the lotion is on

Best for these Skin Types:

  • All skin types – customize as described below in Tips for Using

Tips for Using:

  • While Murad recommends using the products in a specific order every day, you can adjust it to your skin type and do not have to use everything twice a day.
  • If your skin is a little dry or sensitive, use the exfoliating gel and spot treatment once a day to start with and see how you react. If you are fine, then you can increase it to twice a day.
  • If you are very oily, do not use the lotion all over your face. Just take a tiny amount and apply it to dry areas.
  • If you have dry or mature skin, add an anti-age serum or something like Clinique’s Moisture Surge for additional moisture.
  • If you have areas where your acne is more severe, try using a prescription acne treatment in place of the Acne Spot Treatment and save that for carrying with you in case of an emergency middle-of-the-day pimple.

Where to buy:
You can purchase Murad’s Acne Complex Kit at (click below or on the ad in the sidebar). Look for periodic and loyalty discounts.
Murad Acne Complex Kit

Amazon is always a great place to get any product as well and they usually have great prices. Click on the ad below.

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