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Acne breakouts in the teen years can be a very depressing situation. As teenagers, about 85% of girls have to fight acne. Some of them get rid of it, but most have to face it for many years or even their whole life. Studies show that acne in teen girls is not as severe as in teen boys, but it can be more depressing and frustrating for girls.

Teen acne can cause psychological problems, such as an inferiority complex. Why are girls more depressed with this situation then their male counterparts? It’s because girls are more conscious about their looks than males. That’s why girls often avoid social contact when they have acne, which brings even more depression.

Causes of Teen Girls’ Acne:

There are many different causes of teen girls’ acne. The most common cause of any teen acne is hormones. Girls produce two fundamental hormones, i.e. estrogen and progesterone. The body produces these hormones normally, but their levels sometimes go higher than normal, which leads to an overstimulation of the sebaceous glands. Excessive sebum is produced due to these stimulated sebaceous glands.  The excess sebum combined with dead skin cells clog hair follicles which restrict efficient discharge of sebum.

Some other causes:

There are some other causes of teen acne as well, such as:

●       Lack of sufficient nutrients

●       Weak immune system

●       Drug reactions

●       Make up

Certain vitamins and minerals are very important to maintain hormones. For example, zinc helps to control the menstrual cycle and to maintain it.  It is important to take zinc in an appropriate amount. Some drugs may contribute to acne also.  If you notice breakouts after any medication, stop taking it and consult your doctor immediately.

Causes of hormonal imbalance in girls:

Teen girls often experience severe break outs before and after their menstrual cycle. This is due to increased hormone activity, especially before the menstrual cycle.  As you know, excess production of these hormones stimulates the sebaceous glands.  Therefore, these monthly periods cause the highest imbalance in hormonal levels.

Natural herbs and teenage girls’ acne:

There are many treatments available to treat girls’ acne depending on their skin type and severity. However, synthetic medications can have side effects and most of the girls are aware of it. For this reason, many girls prefer herbal products to treat acne. Herbal products are safe as well as very effective for all kinds of acne. There are many herbal products available to treat acne, including herbal lotions containing nutritional ingredients like vitamins and minerals.


Acne is the most common skin disorder in teen years for both boys and girls. Boys are more susceptible compared to girls, but girls often suffer more depression as a result of it. The main causes of teen acne in girls are imbalanced hormones, weak immune system, and lack of a balanced diet. In addition, regular or irregular menstrual cycles and puberty cause overproduction of hormones which stimulate the sebaceous glands. Finally, zinc is an important dietary substance which helps maintain the menstrual cycle and balance hormone production.

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