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For many women foundation, or base, is an everyday essential and for even more it’s a must for when they get blemishes or need a little extra boost. But ensuring you have the right foundation is essential or you could get a covering that doesn’t suit your skin type or shade. This guide should help highlight the main features of different types of foundation and what kind to use for your skin type.

Liquid (water or oil based)

A liquid foundation is extremely popular and versatile. You can choose from both water and oil based varieties with water based being best for oilier skin and oil based for those with dryer skin. The coverage of a liquid is completely reliant on how much you use which makes it great for anyone who wants versatility.


Creams are a fabulous choice for anyone with dry skin. The creamy texture gives a relatively thick coverage eliminating the need for concealer. Cream base gives a moisturised, dewy effect but because they’re so moisturising they should not be used on combination skin.


A current trend is the mousse foundation. Mousse or foam foundations give very light coverage. The advantage of this is that you don’t feel it on your skin, but unfortunately it only gives a very light coverage. If you’ve got relatively good skin that just needs evening out a little mousse could be perfect for you!

Liquid to powder

Cream foundations that become a powder once applied are ideal for people with oily skin. The powdery texture will absorb excess oil but the liquid starting point makes it easy to apply. This variety lasts really well and gives a nice, even coverage.

Mineral make up

Mineral make up is the latest craze. Mineral make up is ideal for those with sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic. It’s also easy to build up your desired coverage with a mineral powder – just apply with a large brush.

Tinted moisturiser

A moisturiser with foundation or tinted moisturiser is perfect if you want light coverage that’s good for your skin. Tinted moisturisers are a good starting point for teenage girls and work best on dry skin. You’ll get a light, coverage that leaves your skin feeling smooth.

Choosing your favourite foundation should be based on your skin type, skin shade, favourite feel and look and favourite application technique. If you find one you like for all the categories then it’s worth getting the two shades either side of your usual colour. That way if you have a tan or notice any changes in your skin tone you can mix your colour until it is just right!

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