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A Guide to Makeup for Acne: Part 1

There are many products on the market that advertise themselves as makeup for acne.  In this article, we will look at what exactly that means and what these products contain.

There are two categories of makeup that might be considered safe for acne:
1. Medicated acne makeup
2. Makeup for acne prone skin

Medicated Acne Makeup
Makeup that is promoted as a product that will help heal acne usually contains one or more of the following

  • salicylic acid
  • benzoyl peroxide
  • one or more calming or healing ingredients

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A Guide to Makeup for Acne: Part 2

In A Guide to Makeup for Acne: Part 1, I talked about the two different categories of makeup for acne prone skin and the characteristics of medicated acne makeup.  In Part 2, I discuss the second category, non-medicated makeup that is safe for acne prone skin.

Non-Medicated Makeup
Makeup for acne that does not contain specific acne treatment ingredients are considered safe for acne if they have the following qualities:

  • Oil-free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Fragrance-free
  • Hypoallergenic

It is always safer to choose an oil-free product since it is difficult to figure out from ingredient labels what is an oil or not, considering all the chemical compounds in the lists.

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Watch How to Apply Liquid Foundation

Here’s an opportunity to watch Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop, demonstrate how she applies  a liquid foundation.  She prefers to put her foundation on before concealer.  Also, she says that she only uses a toner, rather than moisturizer, since she has oily skin.  I have always found that some kind of oil-free moisturizer or primer makes my foundation last longer.  Paula uses her own foundation, but there are other liquid ones you can use which will also help with your acne if you have oily skin, such as the Neutrogena Skin Clearing foundation.

Take a look at the video and grab a few tips from Paula.

Is Makeup Causing Your Acne?

Take a look at this video by Paula Begoun, The Cosmetics Cop, on whether makeup causes acne. Paula gives some good advice for makeup lovers with acne.

Hope this was informative for you.  Check out our Makeup for Acne Store for a large selection of makeup and skincare for acne prone skin.  You can also find our own reviews of specific products on the Product Reviews page on your menu bar above.

Make sure you check out the article on Preparing Your Skin for Makeup and other Acne Makeup Tips that will help your makeup look more natural and last longer.

When to Splurge on Makeup

Drugstore or Department Store? Budget or Luxury?

When does it make sense to spend more money on your cosmetics and when is it unnecessary? woman with money picture

In today’s economy in particular, we need to be very careful about where we spend our money.  With more and more drugstore brand companies making ‘higher-tech’ cosmetics, it is difficult to decide whether it is worth it to spend extra money on the latest high-fashion makeup.  Here are a few guidelines to follow before you take out your credit card:

  1. Can you afford it? Seems like a no-brainer question, but for those of us who are makeup junkies, treating yourself to a fancy lipstick is a way of cheering up when times are tough. If you don’t have the spare cash, save up or look at all the new lipsticks at the drugstore.
  2. Is the color right for you? If you just can’t find the right color in the drugstore brands, you may have to resort to the more expensive ones.  There’s nothing worse than looking like you’re wearing a mask because you have on the wrong color foundation.
  3. Is the formula right for you? While there is a wider range of budget products out there than ever before, it still can’t compare to the huge diversity of special brand-name cosmetics.  Try the budget one first, if it looks right.  If it doesn’t work for you, return it and try something else.  Just keep your receipts!

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