Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup
The latest acne makeup from Clinique has many acne sufferers excited and hopeful. Most of the other medicated acne makeup on the market is relatively useless and doesn’t provide the coverage or texture that looks natural. Is this the answer we’ve been looking for? Let’s take a look at the facts and reviews before jumping for joy just yet.


Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup is a foundation makeup for acne problem skin that is designed to neutralize redness, blend away blemishes, and help heal acne at the same time.

This is a non-irritating, oil-free makeup containing salicylic acne to help treat existing breakouts and keep them from coming back.


The first thing I noticed about this foundation was the silky texture.  Most acne foundations seem a little dry since they are often developed for oily skin, and they don’t go on smoothly.  Clinique’s Acne Solutions foundation glided onto my skin so well that I was worried that it would be too moisturizing.  On the contrary, it seemed to control oil throughout the day without looking dry and flaky and I’m not sure I even needed my usual Mineral Veil finishing powder.  However, I still use it since the Mineral Veil has SPF 25 whereas Clinique’s foundation doesn’t have any SPF.  There are still some people that say this foundation makes them dry and flaky, which is possible if you are already using a strong acne treatment.  Since this foundation contains salicylic acid, it could cause additional dryness for those people.

The other noticeable difference between Clinique’s Acne Solutions foundation and other acne makeup is the coverage.  While it doesn’t make your skin look absolutely flawless, it provides more natural looking coverage than any acne makeup I’ve tried before.  It’s all about your expectations.  If you have acne and expect a foundation to make you look like you have perfect skin, then think again.  Yes, if you only have a couple little blemishes then you can definitely use a little concealer and foundation and achieve a flawless look.  However, if you have a really bad breakout or cystic acne your goal should be to tone down the redness and even out your skin tone as much as possible.  I definitely think that this new acne foundation from Clinique does the trick.

Best for these skin types:

  • Oily
  • Acne prone
  • Combination skin with acne

Tips for application:

  • If you use another topical acne treatment, try this on a small part of your face first to see if it’s too drying for you.
  • Use a primer first to make it last.  If you’re oily, there’s a new Prime Time primer by Bare Escentuals that has oil control.  Otherwise, I like the natural one by Korres.  Make sure you let your acne treatment and/or moisturizer dry first.  Make sure the primer is also completely set before applying the foundation.
  • For this foundation, I recommend applying the foundation first before any concealer.  That way the acne treatment in the makeup can have closer contact with your skin.
  • If you are not very oily, try avoiding a powder over the foundation.  Otherwise, set it with Mineral Veil with SPF 25.

Where to Buy:

I just discovered that you can buy just about anything at Boscov’s Department Store online, and they are one of the few places where I could find this particular Clinique foundation. They also tend to have the best prices.  Click on the image or text below.

Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup

Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup

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