Makeup artists have consistently told me to use primer before applying any makeup. However, since my skin breaks out so easily, I have only tried out primers on and off for several years. It is only recently that I found a primer that not only works, but doesn’t irritate my skin either. It is Clean Slate by Tarte Cosmetics.

In prior years I’ve tried all the 5-star rated primers: Smashbox, Laura Geller, Makeup Forever – you name it. They worked reasonably well, but I still had one or two new pimples by the end of the day. I had some good luck with the primer by Korres, since it is all natural, but it can be a little too moisturizing at times.

Then someone suggested that I try Tarte Clean Slate 1.16 oz. She also said I could use it under my eyes.  I took the leap and tried it all over my face, including under my eyes and on my eyelids.  At the end of the day I took a peak.  My makeup hadn’t changed at all!  Better yet, my eye makeup hadn’t moved either.  Even my mascara and eyeliner hadn’t left any smudges under my eyes, which they always have done in the past.  Of course, my actual foundation and concealer stayed where it was supposed to also.

I rarely give such an enthusiastic endorsement, but I had to share my experience.  The great thing about Tarte for those with acne prone skin is that there is nothing in it that will irritate you or make you break out.  I’ve used it several days in a row now to test it out before a big event I’m going to on Saturday.  Even with all the stress of the event I’m planning, my face has not broken out from the Tarte primer.

Application Tips:

  • Put on all your acne medicine, treatments and moisturizers and let them dry first before putting on the primer
  • Only use a tiny, pea-size amount and apply it to one part of your face at a time
  • Let it set for a few seconds before putting on your makeup

Even if you have never used primer before, I suggest you give Tarte Clean Slate 1.16 oz a try.  You will be amazed at the staying power of your makeup.


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