After a particularly bad experience trying out a new product that made my face break out, I decided to try an all-natural Korres foundation that a saleswoman recommended.  I have only ever tried their eye cream before, so I was a little hesitant at first.  Having read through all of the ingredients, I determined that there wasn’t anything too scary in it that would irritate my skin.  In order to have foundation makeup for different occasions, I tried both the Korres Wild Rose Foundation(a liquid) and the Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder.  I prefer to use the powder one when I am in a rush in the morning and only want a quick, light application of makeup to get me out the door.  A liquid foundation takes me a little longer to apply and doesn’t look quite as natural on my face in the daylight, so I save it for evenings or going to meetings where I need to look more professional.

The salesperson at Korres convinced me to use either foundation with one of the Korres primers.  They have two different ones, Korres Face Primer and Korres Quercetin & Oak Age-reversing Primer.  I chose the anti-aging since I have a few lines that need softening.  The primer was a great base for the foundation.  It glided on easily and didn’t feel sticky at all. Having chosen the best color for my skin, I tested the powder foundation on one side of my face and the liquid foundation on the other.  The powder one definitely left a nice matte finish without feeling dry.  The liquid one gave a more hydrated look and, while it looked great, I still felt the need to dust on some of my Mineral Veil to avoid too much shine.  The color choices were a little limited and I needed a darker color in the powder than in the liquid.  A word to the wise – ignore the names on colors and focus on the undertones.  I’m very pale, and yet I needed the second level color for my face.

Several hours later, I checked my face in the mirror and the makeup hadn’t changed at all.  This is actually quite impressive since most foundation fades on me after a couple hours, or it gets darker from the natural oils in the skin.  By the end of the day, my skin was still looking good.  Needless to say, I’m keeping both foundations and will probably buy more Korres products in the future.

Tips for using Korres foundation:

  • Use primer first, either Korres primer or another brand.
  • Apply the foundation first and then use concealer where needed. For the powder foundation, you can use Bare Minerals Multi-Tasking Face concealer.  For liquid foundation, use either the Bare Minerals concealer or any other favorite.
  • You don’t have to use the sponge in the powder foundation if you’re just applying a small amount.  Use a mineral makeup brush to dust it on.  The sponge, however, will give you more coverage.
  • Use either foundation as an eyeshadow base, or to just even out the tone on your eyelids.
  • Dust on some Mineral Veil to set either foundation and control oil.
  • If you have any dry or flaky places on your face, use the powder with caution since it will show up darker on those areas.  In that case, it is better to use the liquid foundation.

Give Korres Wild Rose Foundation(a liquid) or Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder a try if you are looking for something new and gentle on your skin.  It gives good coverage and looked extremely natural on my face, even in broad daylight.


P.S. I thought the price was very reasonable compared to many other foundations ($28 for the powder and $30 for the liquid). You don’t need to use as much concealer either.

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