I just received the following question from a reader and, since finding the best makeup for teenagers is such a common concern, I decided to address it in a post for everyone to share.

Question: I’m 16, and becoming interested in beginning to wear makeup. My skin has a cool undertone (it’s quite pale), and I think my brown hair has more of a “warm” one (it reflects a coppery colour in sunlight). My acne is currently under control due to the medications I’m using, but I can break out at the drop of a hat. What are some product/colour recommendations you might have for face powder, concealer, and some other basics? I’m pretty frugal, so I’m looking for mid- to low-range pricing.


Hi Alana,

That’s so great that you’re interested in starting to use makeup and learning how to use it correctly! My skin and hair are actually very similar to yours, so I’m going to recommend to you some of the best drugstore makeup products that have worked wonders for me.

The drugstore is a great place to find makeup and I’m a huge fan of the brands found there. CoverGirl’s “Clean” line has specific products meant for sensitive skin and I love their liquid foundation and pressed powder. They also have a pretty large color range with plenty of pale shades!

If you’re looking for eye makeup, I would recommend starting with a neutral palette such as the CoverGirl “Country Woods” palette or the Wet ‘n’ Wild “Vanity” palette.

My favorite natural-looking mascara is Maybelline’s Full ‘n’ Soft mascara in a dark brown shade, since sometimes black can be too dramatic on pale skin.

Once you start feeling more comfortable and adventurous with makeup, try using some different colors of makeup – check out my “How to Choose the Right Makeup Colors for Your Skin” article for tips.

I hope some of these products will work for you and I wish you the best of luck!


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